Make the Best First Impressions

Hope the first week of classes has been going well and that those 8am classes haven’t been too bad to wake up for!  Here in the CCP, we are preparing for the CNU Employment Open House this upcoming Monday, August 31st from 11:30 – 2:00 pm in the DSU 2nd floor.  That’s right, just three days away, so mark your calendars to attend.  If you are looking for an on campus job, this would be a great event to attend as there are many CNU departments attending.  However, none of these jobs will come walking up to you.  You need to do some prep work beforehand.  First impressions are made in the first 3-5 seconds before meeting someone, so manage your image and you will be off to a good start for the semester.  Here are a few tips to creating the best first impressions you can give to prospective employers, but also those professors too.

  1. Analyze your attire. Do your clothes give off the appearance you want to give to those who have never met you? Think about the particular job you are trying to achieve. If going for a more formal industry, maybe a suit is more acceptable than a more laid back and creative employer. Think twice when looking in the mirror. “Who should I be impressing today?” (probably not that cute guy next to you in class…)
  2. Role-play your verbal communication. Do you speak clearly, professionally, and at an appropriate pace and sound level when first meeting someone? People can tell when you are nervous and speaking at 50mph. Practice with a friend to decrease your nerves and have them give you constructive criticism to improve your first impression.
  3. Evaluate your non-verbal communication. Do you shake hands like a limp fish? No one likes that type of handshake, but also not a handshake that almost breaks their hand. Again, practice with some friends and other non-verbal communication cues such as maintaining good eye contact. Wandering eyes mean you are not interested and employers will sense that.
  4. Examine your attitude. Do you smile when first meeting someone, even if you’re busy and have other things spinning in your mind? Are you focusing on the employer to give them your full attention? If not, you could be harming your first impression. It only takes a few seconds to ruin.
  5. Scrutinize your grooming. Just wake up from a nap? Well, don’t make it look like that when you first walk in. Maybe touch up on your makeup or tuck in your shirt tail. And please get rid of the flip flops. Before leaving the room, have your roommate give you a quick “thumbs up” before leaving.

Remember these for Monday and see you at the Open House! Happy Friday!

Tips taken from Forbes’ website. For more information go to:

Open House Flyer with Department Names

Welcome Captains!

The Center for Career Planning is excited to welcome our first year and returning students to campus and we wish you all the best as you prepare for the fall semester. We have had a busy summer planning events, visiting employers, meeting with students, moving to our NEW space and welcoming new staff and interns. We hope you will come visit us in our new home in Christopher Newport Hall, Suite 305.

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As always, we look forward to meeting with you and assisting you as you explore careers, seek opportunities and prepare for life after CNU. To schedule an appointment with a career advisor, please visit us or call 757-594-8887.

Let’s make it a great year!