Researching before the Career Fair is Important!

Here in the office, we are busy getting geared up for the Career Fair — only a few days away!  So that means it is time to get a list of employers ready so you know who you are going to talk to.

First, begin by looking at the Career Fair Profile Book Don’t just look at the company name as you may be surprised to find out what positions they are offering.  The CIA, for example, offers positions ranging from Intelligence to Finance to Graphic Design!  So, conduct your research with an open mind to create your target list of specific companies.

Once you’ve narrowed it down, Google can be your best friend through this research process.  Know a general description of the company, the industry, where they are located, their services offered, and try to determine as much as you can about their culture, ethics and values.

Stalk people. Well maybe not in such a creepy sense, but you should definitely do some prior research on the specific recruiters attending the Fair on LinkedIn.  You can find the employers’ names in the Profile Book and that will indicate if they are a CNU alumni.  Know a bit about their background — where they went to school, their major, previous jobs, or even if they belonged to the same Greek organization or club as you.  It can be helpful to bring up common areas of interest when starting a conversation with them.

Lastly, utilize the company’s social media pages.  Look at the company’s most recent posts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  Read their latest articles, trends, and job postings. This will help you sound knowledgeable and “speak their language” at the Fair by gaining an understanding of the terminology they use internally.

Final step?   Send the recruiter an e-mail prior to the Fair as this is a great way to have them literally looking for YOU at the event.  Your message can be short and simple.  Just introduce yourself, thank them for taking the time to come to CNU, and let them know that you can’t want to meet them in person to learn more about their company.  Meeting a recruiter is a lot like impressing someone on the first date – the company needs to feel like they are your one and only.  You’ll be shocked at how reciprocal the feelings can be once you’ve knocked their socks off!

Special Edition: Mark Babbitt visits tomorrow

Happy Monday Captains!

We have an exciting event this week as Mark Babbitt, CEO of YouTern is coming to visit!


He is participating in our Walker Internship Speaker Series and will be sharing his advice for turning your passion into your career and the essential role internships play in your career development. YouTern is a great resource in your internship search as it compares your skills and aspirations to companies’ needs. You can also find resources and advice on their blog: The Savvy Intern:

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow night at 6 pm in the DSU Ballroom to welcome Mark Babbitt!

It’s Resume Season!

Resumes are the key elements used by both job seekers and recruiters for companies. It is imperative that a candidate has a well put together resume to land the job of their dreams. In the CCP, we are happy to help students make the most of their experiences and qualifications on their resumes.

Here are some resources that the CCP has to make sure your resume is better than ever for the next time you apply for a job!

Make sure to check these out and update your resume! Also be sure to book an appointment with any of our staff members to go over that resume or to answer any of your questions to make sure it is perfect for that dream application.

Also be sure to stop by some of our upcoming events in September:
Friday 9/25: Walk-In Resume Reviews with Bruce Knight
Monday 9/28: Walk-In Resume Reviews with Bruce Knight
Tuesday 9/29: Walk-In Resume Reviews with Bruce Knight

A Good Handshake is Key

Businessman making face at co-worker
Bad handshakes will be remembered long after you give them. Getty/Paul Bradbury

With it still being early within the school year, I am sure you are introducing yourself to many friends, professors, and for some of you employers as well. As you extend your arm to do this, this is extremely important within the job setting and landing that position. So let’s learn a few tips for a good handshake so you don’t break your prospective job interview!

1.) Know when to initiate: The person of a higher position should be the first to extend their hand, such as the interviewer. If you make a mistake and attempt to initiate, don’t withdrawal your hand because that would be rude. Follow through and smile like nothing ever happened – be confident!

2.) Greetings: Greet the person with your first and last name or a nice introduction of “Hello, Good Morning, or Nice to meet you” will do as well. If you are like me and get nervous before a job interview, your palms may be sweaty. It’s ok to wipe them alongside your pants (just don’t be too obvious about it).

3.) Stand and look the person in the eye: If you are sitting waiting for the interview, stand up before extending your hand. This shows respect and puts you on the same level as the fellow person. Make eye contact and show a sincere smile, even if you aren’t that crazy about the position.

4.) Firm, but not crushing: Your handshake should not be like a limp fish, but not a bone crusher or a clammy feeling either. So yes, there is a sort of science to it. It should be firm and show that you are confident person and care about the interview; this will give off a good first impression.

Using Your Resources

Happy Thursday Captains!

With our first week back in classes in the books, students are really getting into the swing of things with full class schedules and activities around the clock! Here in the CCP, we really emphasize staying organized and on top of your schedule. Below are some helpful tips and tricks to get you organized and be successful this semester, both in the classroom and with your internship/job search!

First, know yourself: When you start planning events and time to do work, make sure that you are smart about it and plan when you work best. Don’t schedule an interview or time to write a paper at 8 am if you aren’t your best self at 8 am. When you are planning or scheduling out different times of your week or day, try to focus on being productive at the times that you know you work the best.

When it comes to career planning and your internship/job search, self-assessment is the first step. Before you begin exploring opportunities, take time to think about your interests, skills/strengths and values. This will help you select the internship or job that is right for you.

Second, get and use a planner: Buying a planner is the first step! Pick out one that matches your needs, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a planner when all you need is a list of days of the week. However, if you want to spend the money and you know it will be extremely useful to you, go right ahead! Using the planner is the next step. Make sure that once you buy it, the planner doesn’t get lost under a pile of dirty clothes, make sure that you use it!!

With your internship/job search, be sure you are keeping track of where you applied, when you applied and when you followed up on your application. Having a set process and recording your progress will help your search stay organized.

Third, make to do lists: To do lists are a great way to stay on top of events for a specific day. Here in the CCP, we use to do lists to make sure that we stay organized with events we are planning! You as students and young professionals should use to do lists to make sure you know what homework needs to get done today, what papers you need to start writing, and even which appointments or interviews you have today. To do lists are a truly wonderful creation to help you stay organized and never forget an important date!

Lastly, use your resources: As a student, I know that the times get tough when you have a big test coming up and you can’t get any work done because your roommate has their music turned up all of the way. My advice to you is this, use the library! Not only is it a quiet place to study, but it brings out the focus in most students, allowing them to get their work done, without the distraction of roommates or hall mates. One of the most underused resources on a college campus is a professor’s office hours. Professors make these hours specifically so students can come get help with a course or a section in a course that they are having trouble with. It’s a free resource that will allow you to succeed! One last resource which every student should utilize is the Center for Career Planning. We are here to help you with identifying a career path, finding a job or internship, writing resumes and cover letters; landing that great opportunity , and so much more! Make sure you fit us into your plans when trying to stay organized and be successful!