Using Your Resources

Happy Thursday Captains!

With our first week back in classes in the books, students are really getting into the swing of things with full class schedules and activities around the clock! Here in the CCP, we really emphasize staying organized and on top of your schedule. Below are some helpful tips and tricks to get you organized and be successful this semester, both in the classroom and with your internship/job search!

First, know yourself: When you start planning events and time to do work, make sure that you are smart about it and plan when you work best. Don’t schedule an interview or time to write a paper at 8 am if you aren’t your best self at 8 am. When you are planning or scheduling out different times of your week or day, try to focus on being productive at the times that you know you work the best.

When it comes to career planning and your internship/job search, self-assessment is the first step. Before you begin exploring opportunities, take time to think about your interests, skills/strengths and values. This will help you select the internship or job that is right for you.

Second, get and use a planner: Buying a planner is the first step! Pick out one that matches your needs, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a planner when all you need is a list of days of the week. However, if you want to spend the money and you know it will be extremely useful to you, go right ahead! Using the planner is the next step. Make sure that once you buy it, the planner doesn’t get lost under a pile of dirty clothes, make sure that you use it!!

With your internship/job search, be sure you are keeping track of where you applied, when you applied and when you followed up on your application. Having a set process and recording your progress will help your search stay organized.

Third, make to do lists: To do lists are a great way to stay on top of events for a specific day. Here in the CCP, we use to do lists to make sure that we stay organized with events we are planning! You as students and young professionals should use to do lists to make sure you know what homework needs to get done today, what papers you need to start writing, and even which appointments or interviews you have today. To do lists are a truly wonderful creation to help you stay organized and never forget an important date!

Lastly, use your resources: As a student, I know that the times get tough when you have a big test coming up and you can’t get any work done because your roommate has their music turned up all of the way. My advice to you is this, use the library! Not only is it a quiet place to study, but it brings out the focus in most students, allowing them to get their work done, without the distraction of roommates or hall mates. One of the most underused resources on a college campus is a professor’s office hours. Professors make these hours specifically so students can come get help with a course or a section in a course that they are having trouble with. It’s a free resource that will allow you to succeed! One last resource which every student should utilize is the Center for Career Planning. We are here to help you with identifying a career path, finding a job or internship, writing resumes and cover letters; landing that great opportunity , and so much more! Make sure you fit us into your plans when trying to stay organized and be successful!

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