A Good Handshake is Key

Businessman making face at co-worker
Bad handshakes will be remembered long after you give them. Getty/Paul Bradbury

With it still being early within the school year, I am sure you are introducing yourself to many friends, professors, and for some of you employers as well. As you extend your arm to do this, this is extremely important within the job setting and landing that position. So let’s learn a few tips for a good handshake so you don’t break your prospective job interview!

1.) Know when to initiate: The person of a higher position should be the first to extend their hand, such as the interviewer. If you make a mistake and attempt to initiate, don’t withdrawal your hand because that would be rude. Follow through and smile like nothing ever happened – be confident!

2.) Greetings: Greet the person with your first and last name or a nice introduction of “Hello, Good Morning, or Nice to meet you” will do as well. If you are like me and get nervous before a job interview, your palms may be sweaty. It’s ok to wipe them alongside your pants (just don’t be too obvious about it).

3.) Stand and look the person in the eye: If you are sitting waiting for the interview, stand up before extending your hand. This shows respect and puts you on the same level as the fellow person. Make eye contact and show a sincere smile, even if you aren’t that crazy about the position.

4.) Firm, but not crushing: Your handshake should not be like a limp fish, but not a bone crusher or a clammy feeling either. So yes, there is a sort of science to it. It should be firm and show that you are confident person and care about the interview; this will give off a good first impression.

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