Connecting with Alumni

Happy Thursday Captains!

Homecoming is next week and that can only mean one thing: Alumni will be in town!

Alumni are a great resource as you explore careers and look for opportunities. Why, you ask? Because they are currently living out students’ dream jobs AND they love to talk about what they do and give advice, especially to fellow Captains!

Reaching out to alumni may seem daunting, but trust us, it’s not! The best tool to do this with is LinkedIn. If you haven’t yet, join the CNU Alumni Page on LinkedIn! Through this page you can search what job, company, or even major that you are looking for and it will narrow down the search to CNU alumni in that specific area.

From there, connect with different alumni who have a job/career in which you have an interest. Once the connection goes through, go ahead and write them a message just explaining who you are and what you’re looking for. An important part about this step is to be very mindful of their time. A short message will do, it doesn’t have to be an essay! Be sure to ask thoughtful questions that will give you good insight into what their career is like and how you should prepare to enter the field. After you receive their response, send a thank you message to show you appreciate their time and the information shared. This keeps the relationship positive and shows you are considerate.

With that being said, stop by the CCP for any more questions you may have about LinkedIn or connecting with Alumni!

And remember, you get jobs by talking to people!

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