Don’t let the Job Search Spook you!

Halloween is coming up next week and there will be haunted houses, mummies, zombies, ghosts and more that may scare you. However, don’t let the job search be one of them! Take some of these easy steps to start the process when talking to prospective employers and friends.
1.) Informational Interviewing – This is a wonderful tool within the job search process as it is a casual conversation to learn more about a particular career path and company, as well as gain advice for your search. This should be a brief 10-30 minutes and alumni are a great place to start.
2.) Shadowing – This is when you ask to observe a professional as he/she goes about his/her day. This can last for an afternoon or as long as an entire day. It is another method for getting an inside scoop on what a career is like, to see how the organization functions and to build contacts.
3.) Let’s do Lunch – Everyone is busy throughout their day and has so many other commitments; however everyone has to eat at some point. During lunch you can ask them questions about their current job, career path, job search advice, etc.Halloween-Pumpkins-HD-Wallpapers

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