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Creating an online profile that represents not only who you are as a college student, but also who you want to be as a professional in the workplace can be hard. You want your social media to say, “I am professional and you should hire me”, but in a unique way that makes you memorable. Everyone knows about websites like LinkedIn and how it helps professionals in the workplace not only show off what they do, but also help look for potential new hire candidates or interns. It is very common for employers to look at college students profile and learn about them, just like we college students do.

Professional online profiles do not only consist of LinkedIn or a campus resource. Social media, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all are resources that employers view when looking for potential employees. This being said, having appropriate and professional social media sites take a little bit of work.

First, make sure that your profile photos are appropriate. A smile and a nice outfit can go a long way. Next, be aware of what you post. Yes it is your social media account, but opinions can be formed if there is an offensive tweet on your account, or a curse word in your Facebook post, even an unprofessional mistake posted on Instagram can put you in a negative light in an employer’s mind. Lastly, use the privacy settings and make sure that when viewing and using your profile, you are aware of what your account would look like to an employer. In this sense, you do not want to be memorable to an employer, meaning that you don’t want them to think of your social media when meeting you, you want them to think of who you are as a candidate.

If you ever have questions about your online presence or even how to spruce up that LinkedIn to get more views, make sure you stop by the Center for Career Planning, because we are always happy to help!

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