Tips for Virtual Career Fairs

Spring Break is just around the corner and for most of us that means relaxing and not opening up a textbook. However, you can still continue your job search even while away from school. Maybe consider networking with a future employer on LinkedIn or attending a virtual career fair that you have found online. Virtual career fairs are similar to an online chat room with an employer and all done from the comfort of your own room! Keep these tips in mind when you are preparing for this type of fair:

  1. Don’t use emoticons and internet abbreviations. You want to remain professional and give a good first impression. Don’t use OMG or LOL, just avoid abbreviations and slang all together. Type the same words that you would say when speaking face-to-face with an employer.
  2. Do your research. Know what the job description says that you are interested in and have an idea of what the company is looking for. Then you tailor your resume directly to this and utilize key words/ phrases that they have included in the job description. Instead of having a very broad and generalized resume, make it as specific as you can. This is something that you can’t do while attending a physical job fair, so take advantage of it.
  3. Be well groomed and neat. In a virtual career fair, a good conversation can easily flow into a Skype interview. Therefore wearing pajamas and having bed head is not such a good idea. Shower and dress as you would for an actual career fair as this will boost your self-confidence. Try to wear blues and greens as whites and patterns may not look very good on a webcam. Additionally, if your office space normally looks like a tornado hit, make sure to tidy it up and have it look somewhat professional.
  4. Check your social media. As a job seeker looks at your resume, then can just as quickly find you on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to see that unattractive picture or post about last weekend. Make sure you either check your privacy settings or do NOT post anything that you wouldn’t want your grandma to see…or else you may have some explaining to do. This can also cost you a future interview or job position. #ThinkBeforeTweeting
  5. Relax beforehand. In a virtual career fair setting, it is more relaxed for job hunters as there is not all the pressure of meeting recruiters face to face and being as presentable and poised. However with this decrease in anxiety, you should still maintain your confidence and resist being too relaxed. Treat this as you would any other job fair and put your best foot forward. Have clear goals that you want to accomplish and prepare questions for the recruiter. Unlike in a career fair, you can keep notes and company information by your side. Remember that recruiters meet hundreds of applicants, so stand out in a positive way!

Keep these tips in mind for your future virtual career fair and also for the Internship & Summer Jobs Fair on Wednesday, March 9th after spring break. Hope to see you then and have a great break!

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