Networking: Introvert Style


Networking as an introvert can be overwhelming, trust me I know. Here are 9 useful tips to make networking as an introvert a little easier.

  1. Find your personal networking style – Howard Seidel from Essex Partners says, “each person needs to find his or her own approach that works with their personality and level of comfort”.
  2. Take it one step at a time – “Breaking down networking into lots of concrete steps can make a nerve-wracking process more manageable and less overwhelming”- Seidel
  3. Create an agenda – This can help you stay focused in your conversations and on topic. You can even rehearse answers to common questions which most employers ask.
  4. Focus on advice, not a specific job – Seidel says, “introverts can be great at one-on-one conversations, so take each networking opportunity to develop greater common ground with your connection, beyond looking for a job”. This can help the connection last beyond just your job search.
  5. Find ways to demonstrate your passion and skills – “Since introverts often excel at one-on-one communication, this can come in the form of telling stories about the kinds of things you have enjoyed in the past, for example,” says Seidel. Unique skills and stories can help you stand out to employers.
  6. Use technology to your advantage – Online research and networking sites, like LinkedIn can help introverts create tools that show employers who they are and what they have done professionally, before they meet for that interview or information session.
  7. Give yourself time to recharge – Between networking events or meetings, it is totally okay to take time to yourself. For example, if you’re at a Career Fair here at CNU, talk to an employer, then come back out to the check in area and get some water or walk around. It’s totally fine to have those moments to yourself to regroup and get prepared for the next conversation.
  8. Use thank-you notes to clarify points – Handwritten thank you notess can both ease the stress of speaking in person and help the employer remember specific points of conversations that you had. These meaningful tools are especially useful for introverts to make sure that employers picked up on what you were trying to say.
  9. Recognize it doesn’t have to be perfect – “You should recognize that nothing is ever perfect when dealing with human interactions. Some will go better than others, but merely good meetings are not the enemy of the ideal meeting. Even bad meetings are opportunities to learn,” says Seidel.

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S.M.A.R.T. Goals


Setting goals is probably one of the smartest ways to stay organized during a job or internship search. One thing that professionals say about goal setting is to set S.M.A.R.T. goals! Meaning:

S- Specific goals

M- Measurable goals

A-Attainable goals

R- Realistic goals

T- Timely goals

Specific goals include the, “who, what, when, where and why’s of any job or internship.

Measurable goals help you see your progress, they help you stay on track and reach goals, step by step. Measurable goals also allow for reflection and check-in points to see if and how you are progressing.

Attainable goals are really just goals that you are goals that you can clearly figure out ways to make them come true.  In an article on the author writes, “you can attain almost any goal you set when you plan your steps wisely and establish a time frame that allows you to carry out those steps”, meaning that if you have a plan, almost any goal is attainable.

Realistic goals are just that: Realistic. They are goals that are within your grasp.

Timely Goals include goals include setting a timeline for achieving specific steps and sticking too it. Most goals that college students are setting include timelines anywhere from 1-4 years. That could mean from this semester up until graduation. It’s nice to say things like one day I want to be a CEO, but it’s another thing to say, I want to be a CEO and here’s how my next semester or year is going to help shape that.

Goal setting is extremely important, especially in a college setting! So map out some career goals, and if you need any help, the Center for Career Planning is always here!

How to be a “Pot of Gold” Employee

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! (I hope you are wearing green today so you don’t get pinched) Are you having good luck within the job search process? If not, here are some tricks to become a “Pot of Gold” level employee when you land that next job.

  • Dress to impress: Take time to go the extra mile in the morning when you are meeting with an employer or having an interview. Your appearance goes a long way as this is the first impression you are giving to employers. This means take time to iron your wrinkled shirt, comb your hair, brush your teeth so you don’t have bacon smelling breath, and take off your chipped nail polish. Give the best impression of yourself that you have!
  • Be memorable (…in a good way that is): The best brands are those that have a creative tagline or jingle. In the job search process, this is your elevator speech that should catch the employer’s attention so they remember you. This is a quick sound bite (30 seconds or less) explaining who you are, your achievements that you are proud of, and why you are interested in the company. You should be able to sell yourself in the best possible way to employers.
  • Keep a positive attitude: You don’t get lucky overnight. Keep your head held high because when you believe you can do it, you will put your best foot forward. Cocky versus confidence are not the same. Know the difference and this will get you far.
  • Be Dynamic. Technology is constantly changing around us, so use it to your benefit. This means stay up to date with the latest programs, websites, and latest news in your career field. This will make you more informed to carry on an intelligent conversation during that next networking event. Also consider, creating a website for yourself, blog, or LinkedIn account to help yourself stand out among others. This will also help you be remembered after you leave your interview.

Keep these tips in mind and hopefully you will earn that pot of gold and become lucky when you land your internship and future job. If you need any assistance, stop by CNH 305.