The Importance of Business Cards

Business cards are similar to a resume as they are a vital tool to use when networking and trying to land that next job.  But, why are they so important?  Is it really another item that you need to spend money on to make yourself stand out?  The answer is yes for several reasons.

Ice Breakers:  When you are fostering a new relationship with an employer, this is a great way to exchange contact information and to break the barrier with one another.  It is a method of self-promotion, but it is not aggressive nor does it carry any heavy obligations along with it.  Additionally, anyone on the receiving end will readily accept them and give theirs out so it is a great promotional piece too.

First Impressions: This is a great way to represent yourself when you first meet someone.  Avoid the boring and basic business card.  The appearance is key.  Therefore, pay attention and maybe give more thought to the stock, design, ink, and colors.  You want to stand out from the rest so this is vital to give yourself an edge over others.

Revelation:  Your business card also reveals a bit of information about you.  Obviously it will have your name and contact information, but can also include your major/minor, personal tagline, headshot, website, your merchandise, or a testimonial from a professor regarding your accomplishments and work ethic.

Contacts: A business card is the #1 way of achieving contact information without losing it easily and is a great start to networking.  You don’t have to be worried about writing their name and email down and spelling it correctly either as they are talking.  The business card contains all of that and will cover all of the contact bases including phone number, cell number, email address, and physical address.  This is a great resource to use to send them a follow-up email, chat on the phone for an informational interview, or even to send them a Thank You note.

Website: This is your chance to shine by including your URL on your business card and inviting people to explore what you have to offer at their convenience.  Whether you offer a service or have your own business, people can learn more about you and see what you create.

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