What College Students Should Be Doing During Summer Break!

As a college student, it is a great feeling when you take your last exam and get ready for the summer. Summertime means a break from classes, exams and writing papers, but a great time to lay a foundation for your future.  From the website The Work Buzz’s latest newsletter, they provide tips on what students at every college level should do during the summer to jump start their post-college career:

Soon-to-be sophomores: This is the time to start thinking about what you want to do for your career and pick you your major.  It is a critical time to begin networking with people who work in fields that interest you or companies that interest you.

Also, find a summer job where you can gain both money and experience. Having a summer job also shows future employers that you are motivated.  While it is ideal to gain some exposure to your field of choice, for this year, it is critical to be employed.

Soon-to-be juniors: If you aren’t able to secure an internship, you should still continue working to gain professional experience and skills that will help you in your future career.

During the summer get involved in activities that can help boost your resume by joining your city’s young professional club, volunteering, attending regional alumni events, going to local industry networking events or signing-up for a student membership in a professional association.  By getting involved, you continue to build your network while gaining valuable information about what is going on in your field of interest.

Soon-to-be seniors:  If you’re not continuing your education, you have one more year before entering the real world to start your career.  Again this is a great time to:

  • Step up your networking efforts by doing least two networking informational interviews each week. You can build on the networking from your first two years.
  • Update and edit your resume, and ask several people to review it for you to ensure that it is flawless.
  • Practice researching companies of interest to identify questions you can ask in your interview. The more preparation you do now, the easier the process will be.
  • Build a list of target companies you are interested in working for. Then, research to identify alumni and other connections at those companies you can network with.
  • Start reviewing job postings at your target companies to get a feel for the types of positions they post for entry level.

No matter what year you’re entering into, use your summer to help prepare you for your future. But don’t forget to squeeze in some fun and relaxation too.


Information from: http://www.rehmann.com/careers/careers-blog/item/346-what-college-students-should-be-doing-during-summer-break

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