Emily’s Summer Internship Post #2

Post 2 pic

Picture Caption: I won the “Superhero award” for going above and beyond my responsibilities and doing extra ordinary tasks. When one of the other interns was unable to come into the office for medical reasons, I took the initiative and completed the tasks she needed to do without being asked by my supervisor because I knew someone needed to do it.
My typical day/Responsibilities: My day starts bright and early each weekday, I wake up at 4:45am every morning and I am in the office before 7am. Because I arrive at work so early, I am able to leave at 3:30pm every day. My typical day and major projects consist of testing different grant transactions to make sure that the FEMA funds given to the grantees are used in the correct way. We go through invoices and other financial documents checking the funds. My responsibilities include conducting first and second review testing.
Workplace Culture/Environment at my Internship: The environment is very welcoming and relaxed. We are instructed to dress business casual every day, which was hard for me the first few days because it felt wrong not wearing a blazer to work. My supervisors are very approachable and interns refer to everyone in the office by first names, also hard for me at first and now I’ve gotten the hang of it. The environment at FEMA is very different than what I was expecting at a workplace but I like it more than I thought and it makes the interns feel like equals to full time employees.
What I am using from my classes and experiences at CNU: I have been able to use many of the skills I used in various accounting classes to assist me in the testing process. I have used communication skills I gained while abroad to interact with other employees. I have used my leadership skills I gain from being a member of PLP to help others struggling to complete tasks. And I have used professional appearance skills I’ve gained from my sorority with regards to how to dress for business chapter and recruitment.


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