Kacie’s Summer Internship Post #2

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My typical day: My typical day begins at 8am, I force myself to stop hitting snooze and get out of bed. I make coffee and get ready for the day, usually by 9 or 9:15am I’m out the door and on the bus, as I’m meant to be at work by 10am (I’m usually on time!!). I report to one of the futures editors at T&C so I always check in with her at the start of the day. The photo is the view from our floor at Hearst.
My Responsibilities: Normally I’m researching for upcoming stories, transcribing interviews, updating the culture calendar or organizing the Archives Closet.
The Workplace Culture/Environment at my Internship: Even though I intern at a magazine, the office is for the most part a quiet environment; everyone works at their desks most of the day on the editorial side of things.
What I am using from my classes and experiences at CNU: I’ve had to do a lot of writing throughout my internship thus far and am thankful to be able to use what I’m learning in my classes at CNU. Last year I took Dean Hughes’ Greek Life class in which we had to write multiple research papers; my writing skills were definitely honed through that experience and now when I have to write, research, or cite at T&C it comes very naturally to me!

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