Laurent’s Summer Internship Post #2

Post 2 pic (JPM)

My typical day/Responsibilities: In phase 2 of my rotating internship with MWAA IT, I am involved in Tier 2 which involves Desktop Engineering. My typical day involves helping in the workstation migration project from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 7 Enterprise site wide at Dulles International Airport in compliance with the contract MWAA has with Microsoft. This involves re-imaging (renewing) computers, making sure files are backed up and software is reinstalled on workstations.
The Workplace Culture/Environment at my Internship: The workplace environment is diverse with a wide range of people as far as age, skills, and duties. Since usually airports fall under government rule, MWAA is no exception, there is very much a sense of bureaucracy throughout the organization. Even with Information Technology many things have to get approved through a line of command and security is highly held as the most important factor in operations.

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