Kacie’s Summer Internship Post #3

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My Life as an Intern: Life as an intern is like the best of both worlds because while you are working behind the scenes on awesome projects (in my case future magazine issues) you aren’t actually responsible for anything major and therefore are really just there to absorb everything you are learning!
Meeting other Interns: I’ve met other interns in different departments (beauty, fashion); one intern in particular is from my hometown and we didn’t know each other until now! It’s been nice to have a piece of home in the office.
Types of social activities I participate in: As far as social events, I’ve been attending fun things such as book signings and also parties such as the Met Young Members Party. It’s been so fun to attend events in the city and meet new people constantly.
What the company has done to make me feel like part of the team: At T&C I am given a ton of freedom which makes me feel like part of the team; my editors trust me and allow me creative space to write and work!

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