Meghan’s Summer Internship Post #2

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My Typical Day/ My Responsibilities: I serve as a Facility Supervisor in France, which means that I am responsible for three shops: Griffon Gifts, La Belle Maison, and Lorikeet Glen. A typical opening shift begins with me checking into the Merchandise office, where I pick up paperwork and my radio. Once I get into the park, I check my email for any updates in regards to merchandise or general park information. I print our daily schedule and see what our budget and per cap numbers are. We use those for reference throughout the day. I also set up the break schedule.
I check in with my team members and discuss any cash handling or attendance infractions as needed. I make sure that our cabanas are cleaned and ready to be rented. I then prepare the wine bar in LaBelle Maison. Throughout the day, I delegate cleaning and stocking tasks to my team members, alleviate guest issues, and provide assistance to my team members as needed.
It is never a boring day in the park, but I absolutely love it! No day is ever the same.
The Workplace Culture/Environment at my Internship: I absolutely love working at Busch Gardens. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help each other out. I personally love helping people so walking through the park and being able to answer questions from guests makes me happy! My team members are great as well. I’m getting to know them better each day. They were super helpful in my transition to working for Busch Gardens and for that I am super grateful! One of my favorite things to do as a supervisor is to nominate my team members for Team Member of the Week. Their picture and a shout-out gets put in our team member newsletter on Fridays! One of the other cool things is that I get to work with two other Paul VI grads who also go to CNU!
What am I using from my classes and experiences at CNU: Having a leadership role in the CNU Orchestra as well as Alpha Phi Omega, my co-ed national service fraternity has definitely prepared me to hold a leadership role at Busch Gardens.  At the beginning of the day we delegate duties to our team members and follow up throughout the day. If it is not being completed, we have to facilitate a discussion with the team member and determine what the problem is. When planning for our chapter of Alpha Phi Omega’s 20th Anniversary this spring, lots of pieces needed to come together in order for the event to be a success. I learned a lot about leading a team through that process. On the non-administrative side of things, I always care about my team members and want to make sure they have everything they need to be successful. I consider us to be the France family, just like how the CNU Orchestra is one!

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