Emily’s Summer Internship Post #3

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My life as an intern:  Life as an intern is very interesting, to say the least.  Some days are very busy and the days fly by.  And other days we have absolutely nothing to do and the days drag on.  Despite the variance in work day tasks, I love what I am doing at FEMA and the work I have done has made a difference.
Meeting other interns:  I have had the opportunity to meet other interns.  In my team alone there are 8 interns and we all have created friendships with each other.  Working with seven other interns makes our time in the office entertaining because we make sure to make each other laugh and we always crack jokes (including when talking to our supervisor – don’t worry it’s ok).  The Risk Management team (including our supervisors and interns) have become one big work family and I am so happy that I got placed in ICOOPS (Internal Controls Over Operations Section).
Types of social activities I participate in: FEMA as a whole has about 70 Pathways interns (that I know of).  The Pathways Program takes a vested interest in making sure that all interns at FEMA get a chance to interact with each other.  They have started planning multiple events throughout Washington, D.C. that give the interns a chance to explore and meet others.  This week they planned a tour of the US Capitol and even though I have been before, I jumped at the chance to go back because there is so much history on the Hill.
What the company has done to make me feel like part of the team: On the very first day, my supervisor made sure that all the new interns felt welcome.  He told us exactly what we were going to be doing this summer and he sat us down with the other interns working on testing to set a team goal and gave us an incentive for when we reached that goal.  The interns ended up reaching our goal of completing testing by June 30th during the second week of June and now we get Cheesecake Factory as our incentive.  Our section also finds every reason to celebrate.  I turned 21 on June 20th (a Monday) and my supervisor bought me cupcakes and everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to me.  Another intern celebrated her birthday and my boss did the same.  The Risk Management section makes sure that everyone feels special and important and I love the environment that they have created for us.

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