Madison’s Summer Internship Post #3

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My life as an intern/ meeting other interns: Life as an Intern at Canon is unique. I’m not fetching coffee or filing away papers; I’m getting hands-on experience that I can translate back to my studies or even to my next job. Canon has done a great job creating an environment where Interns are welcomed, utilized, and socialized. Through the Insights program I’ve been able to meet and befriend other interns, even if they are not in my department! We have a series of lunch and learn sessions where all the interns enjoy lunch over a structured lecture, which has fostered learning about the company but also friendships and familiarity with my fellow interns.
Types of social activities I participate in: In addition to the lunch and learn sessions which provide academics and friendship, we participated in a field trip to a local arboretum where we were able to use Canon camera gear and take photos that would later be submitted in an intern gallery (picture shown is one I took on our trip). The day was filled with learning, experimental photography, and memory making. Although we melted in the heat, I shared a few good laughs with my fellow interns. The company has an employee barbeque coming up which we will also be attending. And next week I’ll be attending a New York Yankee’s game with the company!
What the company has done to make me part of the team: Canon welcomed us on the first day with a Manager lunch where we were able to meet our manager and other executives. From there I was matched up with a Peer Buddy who would be my advisor for the ten weeks I’m with Canon. My Peer Buddy and co-Peer Buddy took me under their wings, inviting me to lunch and showing me the ropes. I left my first day of work feeling comfortable with the company and ready for work the next day. My whole team cracks jokes and has showed me the silly YouTube videos they get their office jokes from, so now I can actually laugh along instead of just awkwardly chuckling.

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