Meghan’s Summer Internship Post #3

Picture Post 3
My life as an intern: Intern life is really nice! We work in the park just like everyone else, but have certain activities just for us.  Every Wednesday we have intern seminars from 8am to 10am and we get to listen to representatives from different departments such as Human Resources, Environmental Health & Safety, Merchandise, Park Operations, Culinary, Zoological, etc.  The first day we had an intern meet-and-greet lunch.  There are actually three types of interns at Busch Gardens: Merchandise (that’s me!), Culinary, and Park Ops.  We all stood up and said what university we attend, which park we work at, our major, and what type of intern we are.  In our intern class there are 45 of us, and three of us are named Meghan! We as Merchandise interns had breakfast with our Director of Merchandise, where we got to make suggestions and voice our concerns about the program.  We also took a class on Strengths Based Leadership which was very interesting! I’m a relationship-builder!
Meeting other interns: The Merchandise interns are pretty close. Through interactions in the park, intern seminars, leadership classes, and get-togethers outside of work, I’ve definitely gotten to know them pretty well.  They have definitely been a shoulder to lean on when I’ve run into a problem, because we’re all in this together!
Types of social activities I participate in: Back in June there was Merchandise Team Night, where all of the Merchandise team members got to stay and play in the park after it had closed. They fed us dinner and we played a huge game of Bingo in the Festhaus.  We had a bowling night a few weeks ago with all the supervisors and management, which was a ton of fun. I’m not as bad of a bowler as I thought I was. Last week all of the Merchandise interns went and had lunch at The Cheese Shop in Colonial Williamsburg. Then we went on a scavenger hunt!
What the company has done to make me feel like part of the team: Busch Gardens places their team members in the highest regard.  There are always things going on to thank team members for their service.  Last week, The Snackin’ Wagon came to Busch and we were able to get snacks on our way in/out of work.  We got free drinks at our employee break area last weekend.  There are team member nights where we get to play in the park. We have an employee newsletter that comes out on Fridays that contains a lot of team member shout-outs. It’s something I always look forward to reading.

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