Emily’s Summer Internship Post #4

Where am I living: This summer I am lucky enough to not have to pay for housing. I am living at home and commuting (slugging – getting into a car with strangers and riding into the city, it sounds not safe but it is safe and gets me into the city quickly) into the city everyday. It’s not as glamorous as living in a city for the summer but it’s financially responsible. Living at home is forcing me to spend lots of time with my family, which is wonderful.
What do I do for fun: For fun, I spend time exploring northern Virginia. I have been to DC sightseeing. I’ve been to Alexandria to play Top Golf. I’ve been to Nats games.  I’ve explored downtown Fredericksburg. And found new ways to have fun at home.
What restaurants am I enjoying: I have been to the restaurants around Stafford and downtown Fredericksburg. Because my lunch break is so short, I usually pack my lunch but I have been able to go to the food trucks around L’Enfant Plaza and they are wonderful.

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