Madison’s Summer Internship Post #4

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Where am I living: I’ve had a pretty cool living experience this summer. I’ve gotten to live with my Sorority Big Sister here in New York, which has been awesome because we hadn’t gotten to see each other much since she graduated. I split my weeks and weekends between Long Island and Brooklyn. My Big Sister was in the process of moving while I was staying with her this summer. This allowed for exploring on the weekends and calm work weeks.

What do I do for fun/ What restaurants am I enjoying: Luckily for me, my internship facility has a gym on site so I would often go to the gym after work. The first two weeks I saw Florence and the Machine at the Barclay center and Ellie Goulding at the world famous Madison Square Garden. Two amazing concerts,  they were seriously life changing. In addition to finding great entertainment in New York, I love trying new food places. Brooklyn has phenomenal brunch spots and hidden gems.

In fact, fellow intern blogger Kacie Celli and I met up in Brooklyn last week and met for the first time over a Disco Brunch at a whimsical hot spot called House of Yes. We hit it off over avocado toast, it just goes to show you that no matter where you are in the world, you’ll always find a friendly Captain to help you on your way.

In addition to brunchin’, hunting down Facebook famous favorite like Rainbow bagels, I’ve spent my time going to art museums such as the Whitney were I saw amazing art works, night clubs where I’ve danced the night away, roof top socials were I’ve met aspiring actors and artists, thrifting where I scored the greatest long skirt with pockets, and hunting for great street art. That’s one great thing about New York, street art is everywhere and there are even some famous artists among the mix. I had a small freak out in Little Italy when I recognized some Invader pieces from my Media Aesthetics class this past spring. In the words of my Little Sorority Sister, my “Instagram game has seriously increased since going to New York”, mostly due to all the cool things around me!

Of course I saw a few Broadway shows, got Pizza whenever and wherever I could, and attempted to learn the subway, oh I chopped my hair off too, the heat up here is worse than the Virginia Humidity when you have no AC. I crossed off my childhood bucket list and went to the Alice and Wonderland Statue in Central Park. I’ve got a few more weekends left in New York. I’m hoping to play tourist one weekend and go to the Empire State building, Brooklyn Bridge and things like that. We shall see what else I can cram in!

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