Laurent’s Summer Internship Post #5

Post 5 pic 1What skills have you gained? Any important lessons you’ve learned?

I learned about new software and technologies being used at airports all around the country. An important lesson I learned was to document EVERYTHING for record. It will save confusion and lead to a better workflow.

How has the internship impacted your career path?

This internship has made me think about working at an airport at some capacity even if not in IT. There is an airport in every major city in the US!

What advice would you give to other students?

Hard work pays off and people will sometimes ask you to do things to test your character. The first week of my internship, I was clearing dust and wiping machines off at the kiosk stations around the airport thinking that if I was doing this all summer it was not going to be fun, nor challenging. But I did it with a great attitude and a smile on my face, thankful for the opportunity to even have employment and I made sure those kiosks were spotless. Later in the summer my hard work was noticed by my manager and he said he just wanted to see how I would react.

Post 5 pic 2

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