Kacie’s Summer Internship Post #5

Post 5 pic

What skills have you gained? Any important lessons you’ve learned?/ How has the internship impacted your career path?

My internship with T&C greatly impacted my career path because I now realize I do want to work for a magazine upon graduation (hopefully in NYC!). I definitely learned a lot about writing and researching this summer; one important lesson I learned is to always try your best on assignments. As cliche as it sounds, perfecting even making copies or sending emails goes a long way with editors (people who could potentially hire you back!)

What advice would you give to other students?

My biggest advice to other students would be to apply, apply, apply to any internship that seems interesting to you and once you’re there, talk to everyone. You will make friends and also connections! Having such amazing mentors and friends in the office truly made my summer at Town and Country an unforgettable experience.

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