The Last Hurrah: Summer Intern John

My time here at the CNU Center for Career Planning has been rewarding and to be honest, life-changing. Before I became an intern I had no idea what I wanted to do. My future ideas have changed so much that I don’t think I could fit a list of them all on a sheet of paper. I had become a history major with only the enjoyment of the subject, not with the intention to use it in my career field.

My focus coming into this internship wasn’t just to help the Center for Career Planning during the summer season, but to also find my way. First I took the Strong Interest Inventory with the Libby Westley (Director) and gained a better understanding on what career areas relate to me most. I found out that I mostly associated with the Realistic theme; meaning I prefer to take an active hands-on approach involving construction, mechanical, or outdoor activities. I also discovered that I marked high in the management, sales, and culinary arts sector.

Libby and I then discussed my interests. I have always had a large amount of interest in Beer and Brewing Operations. From the large amount of home brewers I know to the brewery tours I have always found so fascinating, I have been influenced by the industry before but never thought of it as a career outlet. Libby pushed me to pursue this interest of mine to possibly become my line of work.

All of the career counselors helped me in one way or another. Discussions over the book The 2-Hour Job Search (which is an awesome book I’d like to add) with Andy Park and fellow intern Jack Slack helped me get my foot in the door by learning how to reach contacts and schedule informational interviews. Kelly Gooch provided me with contacts to reach out to and became an outlet for discussion for a topic we mutually find interesting. Finally, Sarah Hobgood and Polly Bradie were always interested to hear about my career development and provided support throughout the summer. Every one of the career counselors and employees of the CNU Center for Career Planning are great people and I can not thank them enough.

As a result I was able to schedule a multitude of informational interviews with breweries from Richmond to Norfolk. Also without their help I wouldn’t have received and accepted an offer to be a Brand Ambassador for Alewerks Brewing Company in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Overall my time here has been nothing but joyful and beneficial. I recommend everyone take a visit to Christopher Newport Hall Suite 305.



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