The Last Hurrah: Summer Intern Jack

When I initially applied for a survey internship with the Center for Career Planning, I expected to spend most of my work day on the phone and entering in data. However, as the summer is wrapping up I can now say that it has greatly surpassed my expectations. While John and I did spend time researching accounting companies, conducting phone surveys and entering data, the CCP staff made a great effort to ensure that we made strides in developing our respective careers.

I would highly recommend that students take the Strong Interest Inventory with a counselor here at the Center for Career Planning. I took the SII knowing that I had an interest in both Finance and Investing. The results not only helped confirm that but also gave insight on what kind of working environment I would be most successful in and what positions I might pursue.

Reading and discussing the book TheĀ 2-Hour Job Search by Steve Dalton was also a very significant part of this internship for me. Finding the right job can seem daunting, but this book explains how to use technology and your time in an efficient way to find employment. Steve Dalton is coming to campus this coming fall semester, and I urge students to read his book and hear Dalton speak when he comes to CNU.

I can’t thank the CNU Center for Career Planning enough for everything they’ve done to make this internship a rewarding experience. Before this summer, I took for granted all the hard work the CCP staff does to help CNU students start and continue their careers. Having seen all the effort it takes to put together career events and connect with employers to find job openings, it is now clear that our university is incredibly fortunate to have such a remarkable staff. Thank you CCP for a great summer!


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