Tips to unleashing your finest resume yet!

With only a few seconds that employers spend looking at resumes, it is crucial that all the years you spent working, studying, and being a part of campus organizations gets fully represented on to your resume. You want to lay out your accomplishments distinguishing you from other candidates. How you present your resume will determine if it’s going to be tossed into the stack employers do not want to pursue or be the one that is selected. Here are some tips to have a stand-out resume:

  • Highlight accomplishments rather than job duties. Remember employers look for individuals who satisfy needs/solve problems within a company.
  • For each experience you list, ask yourself what was the benefit of having done what I did?
  • Avoid jargon. A common mistake is to use industry jargon. Remember you want to sell your skills and strengths.
  • When it comes to formatting: use clean types, clear headings and bullets to call to attention.
  • Selectively use bold, italics typeface to help guide the reader.
  • Tailor your resume for the position you are targeting.
  • Fix up your resume to match the goals of the company you are applying for to increase the chance of you getting noticed.


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