Crafting the Perfect Cover Letter: Fast Tips

We all know resumes are important, but did you know your cover letter has the ability to set you apart from other applicants? Often overlooked, the cover letter is actually a very important component when it comes to getting hired! Here are some fast tips on crafting the perfect cover letter for you.

Show off your personality! Your cover letter gives you the ability to make the person on your resume come to life. Explain your interest in the field and make sure to research ahead so you can sprinkle some company knowledge throughout the letter.

Opening lines are key. Make sure you hook the employer with your first sentence. They have to read a lot of cover letters and you want to stand out in their mind.

Keep it short. Taking up more than a page isn’t necessary.

Elaborate. Share your experiences and why they’d make you a good fit for the position to which you are applying. You don’t just want to be listing off what’s on your resume, but rather what you did in previous roles and how it has shaped you!

Check it! Go over your cover letter multiple times to check for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. One small mix-up and you could look like a rookie.


Check out the CNU Center for Career Planning for any cover letter or resume questions you may have, and keep up the job and internship searches, Captains!

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