Leaving Lasting Impressions After an Interview

Be yourself:  People hire people they like.  Stop trying to be who you think employers may want you to be.  You want to fit in the prospective organization as the person you are and not the person you are trying to be.

Dress for the job you want:  Appearances matter.  When you are dressed in a neatly pressed suit you will come across as professional and people will take you seriously.

Show passion: Enthusiasm is infectious and any employer looking to hire potential candidates is looking for those which are really interested in the position being offered.  A passionate interviewee can be an indicator of someone who will take intuitive, work hard and bring new ideas to the table.

Be specific: Be prepared to tell the story surrounding your achievements and challenges.

Achieve a balance between humble and confident: It is good to sound confident in your abilities.  This could be displayed in having a good posture by sitting up straight. The delivery of your words also matters so it is important to practice describing your previous experience and how it could impact the future.  Just keep in mind an interviewer will grow tired of an arrogant know-it- all type.

The Center for Career Planning is glad to help you prepare for interviews!

Interview Prep Workshops will be held on

Wednesday, 10/12 at 4 pm as well as

Monday, 10/17 at 4 pm.

Both workshops will take place in the Center for Career Planning.

You may also call 757-594-8887 to schedule a mock interview or

visit us during Career Café every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

from 11:30 am to 1 pm in Einstein’s.


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