Utilizing Social Media in Your Job Search!

There are many different ways to network using social media these days, but did you know you could potentially find your next job using LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook or even Tumblr? Read ahead for some tips on getting a job through your social media accounts!

LinkedIn: Look up the hiring manager for a job you’re interested in using LinkedIn! Do this before sending off your resume so you can learn who is doing the hiring. This may be more helpful than you’d think! Use the information you find to better suit your cover letter to what they are looking for.

Twitter: Actively engage with potential employers on Twitter! You can show interest by responding and retweeting their company’s account. You may even make a new connection with someone at the company who could answer your questions and give you advice.

Pinterest: You can pin your resume on Pinterest and add all sorts of pizazz to show off your creative side. Believe it or not, there are also plenty of helpful job search boards on Pinterest that you can follow to help you with all your career-related questions.

Facebook: Connect with people! You can use all sorts of social media outlets to – surprise! – connect with others. Let your Facebook friends know you’re looking for a job in a specific industry or reach out to old bosses and mentors you had a good relationship with. You probably know more people than you think!

Tumblr: Utilize your account by putting up your work or blogging about your experiences! This is especially useful for photographers, artists, writers, designers, etc. Having an online portfolio of your work you can point to is especially helpful in today’s world!

Leaving Lasting Impressions After an Interview

Be yourself:  People hire people they like.  Stop trying to be who you think employers may want you to be.  You want to fit in the prospective organization as the person you are and not the person you are trying to be.

Dress for the job you want:  Appearances matter.  When you are dressed in a neatly pressed suit you will come across as professional and people will take you seriously.

Show passion: Enthusiasm is infectious and any employer looking to hire potential candidates is looking for those which are really interested in the position being offered.  A passionate interviewee can be an indicator of someone who will take intuitive, work hard and bring new ideas to the table.

Be specific: Be prepared to tell the story surrounding your achievements and challenges.

Achieve a balance between humble and confident: It is good to sound confident in your abilities.  This could be displayed in having a good posture by sitting up straight. The delivery of your words also matters so it is important to practice describing your previous experience and how it could impact the future.  Just keep in mind an interviewer will grow tired of an arrogant know-it- all type.

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