5 Ways to Prepare For Your Best Job Interview Yet!

So you made it to the interview round of a job application. You’re probably pretty excited, but you’re also probably equally as nervous. Never fear! With some interview prep, you’ll feel much more confident and one step closer to scoring that job or internship. Read on to see what we’ve gathered for you!

Practice, practice, practice. Grab your roommate or a friend and have them ask you potential questions the interviewer may pose! This helps prepare you and makes you think more about how you would answer a question in a clear and concise way.

Dress your best. Make sure to pick out your outfit in advance so you’re not running late to the interview or feeling self-conscious.

Think about why you’re interviewing. Chances are, your potential employer will want to know why you want to work at their company and how you would be an asset. Take the time to assess why you applied to the company and what makes you excited about it!

Do your research. Get online and start learning about the company if you haven’t already! It’s important to show up with a good knowledge of the organization, and it’s even more impressive if you can ask questions about company values or recent events.

Prepare questions. You might be thinking you’ll be the only one getting asked questions, but you should prepare a handful to ask your interviewer as well. This shows interest and speaks to how prepared you are. Plus, you may learn something valuable along the way!

Good luck, Captains! You’ve got this.

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