Let’s Talk About Externships!

Winter break is a much needed time to relax and let your brain rest after finals, but with all that free time, you might start to get bored or antsy. So why not try an externship out?

You might wonder what an externship is. You’ve probably heard of internships, but the two are quite different from one another.

The great thing about externships is that they provide an opportunity to learn from someone in your field of interest by shadowing them, asking questions, and getting a firsthand glimpse into what their career looks like.

Externships are different from internships in that they typically last anywhere from one day to perhaps a week or two, which is perfect for breaks during the winter or spring! Externships are also, for the most part, unpaid, as they exist to give you a preview of a potential career field.

Typically internships have the possibility of becoming a full time job later on, but externships still offer the possibility of networking, finding a mentor, or even gaining an internship through the experience!

Perhaps the coolest part of externships, though, is that you can pick your own experience! Students are encouraged to reach out to professionals directly in their community and create their own experience by asking to job shadow them. So get out there and contact someone in your area today to set up an externship for break!

For some examples of externships, check out CNU Career Connect for current listings with Virginia Asset Management and INOVA Trauma Acute Surgery Externship!