The Internship Search is On



Captains, the time to search for internships is now! As the spring semester is well underway, if you haven’t started thinking about summer internships, start today!  It is essential to start as early as possible in your search.

Freshman and Sophomores, you don’t have to wait until your Junior year to land on an internship.  Start now!  Not only will you be able to get a good sense of a particular career path you might want to pursue, but more experience means more exposure and more opportunity.

Tips to Consider:

  • Make sure your resume is up to date and is looking its best. Feel free to bring in your resume and have it reviewed by the CCP staff.
  • Use job searching websites to look for internships. Career Connect can be combined with other sites like or Also look into professional associations within your field and check with your academic department to see if they keep a list of options students have used before.
  • Be proactive with your search, look for companies that interest you and approach them directly.
  • “You get jobs by talking to people” works the same with internships. Reach out to people within your network and connect with them (professional networks like LinkedIn might prove to be quite beneficial). Show your interest and desire to gain experience.
  • Remember internships are meant to give you real work experience that will ultimately lead you in your chosen career field. Make the most of your internship experience by getting involved in as many projects and tasks as possible to learn as much as you can.

Have questions about getting your internship started? Call 757-594-8887 to schedule an appointment with a CCP advisor today!


Mid-Week Career Meme!


Our tagline, “You get jobs by talking to people!” is no joke. Networking is key in any job or internship search. Check out our next “The 2-Hour Job Search” Follow-Up Session on Tuesday, February 28th at 3 PM in the DSU Madison. We’ll be discussing Steve Dalton’s tips on scoring an internship or job and how to professionally network and interview with career professionals in a chosen field of work.

Tips for Post Interview Thank You Notes!

Job interview preparation is vital in trying to secure a job, but did you know that what you do afterward can push you over the top?

Handwritten thank you notes after you interview are one of the most important but often forgotten parts of the interview process. Seeing as handwritten cards and snail mail have become a “lost art” of sorts, employers take notice when they receive this sort of thank you after interviewing a potential new employee.

So what should you include in your note? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Make sure you show interest in the position! You don’t need to be overly aggressive, but don’t play it nonchalant either. Let the employer know how much you enjoyed learning about the company and why you think you’d be a great fit.

Include information that you learned about the company during the interview process. Perhaps the person interviewing you shared their favorite thing about their organization or maybe they described the culture as being inclusive and supportive. Bring this up to show you were listening to what they told you!

Thank them for taking the time to interview you! You can also end the note by saying that you look forward to speaking with them soon and the possibility of joining their team.

Although a thank you card may not necessarily seal the deal, it shows you have an interest in the position and can demonstrate how thoughtful and enthusiastic you are. It’s the little things that can put you over the edge, so go out and grab some stationary for future thank you’s!

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Dalton is TONIGHT!

Happy Thursday Captains!

We are excited to welcome Steve Dalton, author of “The 2-Hour Job Search” to campus today! He will be speaking at 6 pm in DSU Ballroom. His presentation will walk  you through his step-by-step process for finding a job or internship in just two hours! He provides excellent advice for how to organize/structure your search as well as how to develop and reach out to contacts. After all, you get jobs by talking to people!

Read on for a quote from a current student on what he learned from Steve Dalton and come see for yourself tonight! This is a PLP Passport and Honors event.

“Steve Dalton’s 2-Hour Job Search not only kick-started my path to finding a job for after college, but laid down the foundation. Before I read the book, I was overwhelmed with so many questions from what I wanted to do after college to how do I get noticed? As a part of my summer internship at the Center for Career Planning we were required to read Dalton’s book and I began to notice the more I read and acted upon it, the more comfortable I was. I began to reach out to companies for informational interviews and eventually landed a part time job for the Fall semester as a Brand Ambassador for Alewerks Brewing Company. While my views and ideas of what I wish to do with my career have changed, I still use the lessons in the book to drive my job search. Every time someone discusses worry about their careers and future, I hand them my copy of the 2-Hour Job Search.”    – John McAndrew, Senior, History major