Steps to Take Post-Career Fair!

So you did it. You went to the career fair, you talked to employers, and you discovered some companies you’re really excited about. The hard part is done, but now you need to continue networking in order to get that job or internship you learned about!

Follow up with employers!

With all those business cards and info sheets you collected, you can now start to reach out to the recruiters you met at the fair. An email or phone call is a great way to not only thank the employer for sharing information with you, but to also stand out and ask for an informational interview or inquire about positions available. You want to be on their radar when it comes time to hire new employees!

Submit your resume for an on campus interview!

Submit your resume on CNU Career Connect for the chance to interview on campus with a wide variety of employers offering full-time positions and/or internships:

  • ADP
  • Aerotek
  • ALKU
  • Cambridge Associates
  • FedBid
  • Foresters Financial
  • AroundCampus Group
  • Greenland Enterprises, Inc.
  • KPMG
  • Metro Systems
  • SagePoint Financial
  • Target

Connect on LinkedIn.

Add the company or recruiter you spoke with on LinkedIn in order to see updates and keep an eye out for jobs being posted. It’ll help keep your name on the employer’s mind and give you an easy way to update them on what you’re doing professionally.

Visit the Career Center!

You may have realized that you need to fix up your resume or practice interviewing, and the CCP is just the place to do so. We’ll be in Einstein’s from 3:00 to 4:30 every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday to help you with all your career-related needs, but we also would love to have you schedule an appointment with us by calling our office or stopping by CNH 305.
Good luck, Captains! We can’t wait to see what jobs and internships you get!

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