Countdown to Dalton – only 2 more days!

Only 2 days left until we hear about the 2-Hour job/internship search! Make sure your calendars are marked to attend Steve Dalton’s session on how to find a job/internship – Thursday, 2/16, 6 pm, DSU Ballroom. This is an Honors and PLP passport event!

Here is another quote about Steve Dalton’s book, “The 2-Hour Job Search”: “I found it very interesting when Dalton spoke about how technology today has only complicated the job search process. I was someone that thought that submitting your resume on a company’s website would be the most effective way to apply for jobs, but Dalton proved me wrong. I found the LAMP list to be the most useful part of the “2-Hour Job Search.” I never thought to build a list in this way when conducting a job search.”     – Megan Shoemaker, Senior, Marketing

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