Dalton is TONIGHT!

Happy Thursday Captains!

We are excited to welcome Steve Dalton, author of “The 2-Hour Job Search” to campus today! He will be speaking at 6 pm in DSU Ballroom. His presentation will walk  you through his step-by-step process for finding a job or internship in just two hours! He provides excellent advice for how to organize/structure your search as well as how to develop and reach out to contacts. After all, you get jobs by talking to people!

Read on for a quote from a current student on what he learned from Steve Dalton and come see for yourself tonight! This is a PLP Passport and Honors event.

“Steve Dalton’s 2-Hour Job Search not only kick-started my path to finding a job for after college, but laid down the foundation. Before I read the book, I was overwhelmed with so many questions from what I wanted to do after college to how do I get noticed? As a part of my summer internship at the Center for Career Planning we were required to read Dalton’s book and I began to notice the more I read and acted upon it, the more comfortable I was. I began to reach out to companies for informational interviews and eventually landed a part time job for the Fall semester as a Brand Ambassador for Alewerks Brewing Company. While my views and ideas of what I wish to do with my career have changed, I still use the lessons in the book to drive my job search. Every time someone discusses worry about their careers and future, I hand them my copy of the 2-Hour Job Search.”    – John McAndrew, Senior, History major

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