Tips for Post Interview Thank You Notes!

Job interview preparation is vital in trying to secure a job, but did you know that what you do afterward can push you over the top?

Handwritten thank you notes after you interview are one of the most important but often forgotten parts of the interview process. Seeing as handwritten cards and snail mail have become a “lost art” of sorts, employers take notice when they receive this sort of thank you after interviewing a potential new employee.

So what should you include in your note? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Make sure you show interest in the position! You don’t need to be overly aggressive, but don’t play it nonchalant either. Let the employer know how much you enjoyed learning about the company and why you think you’d be a great fit.

Include information that you learned about the company during the interview process. Perhaps the person interviewing you shared their favorite thing about their organization or maybe they described the culture as being inclusive and supportive. Bring this up to show you were listening to what they told you!

Thank them for taking the time to interview you! You can also end the note by saying that you look forward to speaking with them soon and the possibility of joining their team.

Although a thank you card may not necessarily seal the deal, it shows you have an interest in the position and can demonstrate how thoughtful and enthusiastic you are. It’s the little things that can put you over the edge, so go out and grab some stationary for future thank you’s!

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