Countdown to Dalton – only 2 more days!

Only 2 days left until we hear about the 2-Hour job/internship search! Make sure your calendars are marked to attend Steve Dalton’s session on how to find a job/internship – Thursday, 2/16, 6 pm, DSU Ballroom. This is an Honors and PLP passport event!

Here is another quote about Steve Dalton’s book, “The 2-Hour Job Search”: “I found it very interesting when Dalton spoke about how technology today has only complicated the job search process. I was someone that thought that submitting your resume on a company’s website would be the most effective way to apply for jobs, but Dalton proved me wrong. I found the LAMP list to be the most useful part of the “2-Hour Job Search.” I never thought to build a list in this way when conducting a job search.”     – Megan Shoemaker, Senior, Marketing

Always Dress for Success

Your first impression is always a lasting impression.  Appearances matter, and you will be judged based on what you wear and how you carry yourself.  It takes just seconds for a person to form an opinion about you based on appearance.  “55% of another person’s perception is based on how you look” and “75% of recruiters believe that how a person dresses for work affects one’s job, salary, and possible promotions” (  It is critical that you maintain a good appearance,  present yourself as respectable, and as professional as possible whether it is for interviewing purposes, or while engaging in networking events for a prospective or current job. Your clothes are responsible for 95% of the first impression, which influences your ethos.  You want to be taken seriously.

Remember to keep your colors neutral, classy, and covered.  Black, navy blue, and gray are general colors that are considered business professional.  Be sure that your clothes are well fitted.

Remember: if you are not sure how to dress for an event or interview, it would not hurt to over dress. It is better to be overdressed than under dressed.  It also never hurts to ask.

Refer to the CCP’s Guide on Professional Dress for tips and examples.

Countdown to Steve Dalton Continues!

Steve Dalton, author of The 2-Hour Job Search, will be arriving on campus February 16th! Make sure to be in the DSU Ballroom at 6 p.m. to gain invaluable insights and learn how you can make your job/internship hunt much more manageable! Listen to what a fellow student and Captain has to say about Dalton’s book/search strategies:

“I was able to systematically determine not only the field or industry in which I wanted to pursue a career, but, the specific companies that I could see myself working for. Steve Dalton’s “The 2 Hour Job Search” made the daunting task of finding a job after graduation something I knew I could handle.”  – Brooks Billings, Business – Management, Senior

Countdown to Steve Dalton begins

Good afternoon Captains!

On Thursday, Feb. 16, we are excited to welcome Steve Dalton, author of the “The 2-Hour Job Search” to our campus where he will be presenting his step by step process for developing and organizing contacts and then using that network to find opportunities. During his presentation at 6 pm, he will walk you through this process and instruct you on how to complete your own search.

Listen to what students are already saying about his book/process:

“The 2-Hour Job Search has been incredibly helpful in easing my job search anxieties and it has assisted me in narrowing my focus when it comes to figuring out where I want to work. It makes the job hunt actually seem feasible and a lot less scary.” – Lee Martin, Communication Studies, Senior