The CCP is Open All Summer!

CCP Summer

The CCP will be open as usual this summer! Call or come in to make an appointment for a resume review, to talk career options, or to just get general job search advice! We’ll help you get a jump-start on your next semester and get you on the right track for your dream internship or job.

Tips for what you can do over the summer to get ready for next semester:

  • Network on LinkedIn and build your profile!
  • Reach out to alumni in the field you’re interested in to schedule an informational interview and learn what it’s like to have the career you’re dreaming of!
  • Schedule out when you’ll be applying to internships, grad schools, and post-grad jobs so you’re not stressed during the school year to get applications in on time.
  • Check out CNU Career Connect and find a job for the fall semester on campus or in Hampton Roads.
  • Make an appointment with the CCP!

Good luck with finals and finish out the semester strong, Captains!

Life After College

As the end of the semester is approaching, the finish line is in sight. With graduation around the corner, we wanted to provide some advice for our seniors about the transition to life after college.

Time management- a skill set that was very much practiced in college and must continue to be practiced.  Employers expect you to be reliable and punctual. Be sure you understand your company’s/organization’s expectations as well as policies related to taking time off.  In addition to your job, you need your time management skills to balance your other areas of life: family, friends, hobbies/interests, etc.

Professionalism- College has been a good training ground for learning various expectations when it comes to classes, attending certain events, fulfilling part-time jobs/internships, etc. and these lessons transfer to your career. You will be judged on your speech, attire, behavior, and motivation. Professionalism encompasses dependability, motivation, initiative, and follow through; all of these are skills you have strengthened in college and will transfer to the working world.

Congratulations to our soon-to-be graduates and know that the Center for Career Planning is always glad to help!



That’s right – you can use all sorts of social media platforms to market yourself to employers or network and find jobs! LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are just a couple examples of social media outlets that can help you reach out and score your next job. Come in and schedule an appointment with a career counselor to learn more!

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Where to Find Affordable, Professional Clothes

Big job interview coming up? Starting a summer internship once school’s out this month? Just need some new clothes you can wear to work on a daily basis? Look no further! We’ve picked out a handful of stores where you can find great clothes at good prices!



Women’s dresses and work separates such as blouses, pants, and skirts can all be found at affordable prices and in fun designs. Expect to pay around $25 for a pencil skirt and under $20 for blouses such as this sleeveless top that comes in a variety of patterns and can be paired with dress pants and a blazer.

Men’s suits are also highly affordable when you’re in a pinch. You can currently get a great set for under $150. This blue jacket runs for $95, while the matching pants are just $44.99.

JCPenney’s is also great about coupons and if you act now, you can currently save an extra 25% on your next purchase!

Old Navy

Looking for a quality men’s dress shirt? Old Navy has you covered. For $20, you can score a classic button up in a wide range of sizes. Whether you need big, tall, or regular, Old Navy has you covered.

Women’s pants are also easy to come by at Old Navy. Their pixie pants are comfortable and available in many different colors. They typically range from $25 to $35, and right now you can get a pair of trousers for just $20!


Target is always a good bet when you’re searching for shoes. Expect to pay around $35 for a nice pair of men’s dress shoes.

You can also buy a great black dress for $30! Target generally has a nice selection of blazers and tops as well, and their selection of heels and flats will provide you with plenty of options.

Wherever you go, make sure to start with the basics and work from there! A good blazer/jacket is a must, and a good trusty pair of work shoes won’t let you down. Over time, make sure to budget out money to add to your professional collection. Good luck, Captains!