Meet Nassir

Introducing another summer blogger, Nassir Criss!
Nassir pic 1
Nassir (right); CEO of Skopenow (left)
Major: Communication Studies, with a double minor in Sociology and Civic Engagement/Social Entrepreneurship; Passion is business and entrepreneurship.
Graduation Date: May 2018
Hometown: “I was born in Irvington, New Jersey, but I grew up in Richmond, VA. I can’t singlehandedly choose either because both had such a strong part in my life growing up.”
Interning at: Skopenow in NYC
How did you find your internship?: “I found my internship using an app that I have recommended to everyone I have talked to in the last few months. It’s called “WayUp” It was started by college students and young professionals, for college students and young professionals. It’s incredible and I encourage anyone looking to expand their professional career to sign up for it. “
Memory/something learned in first week: ” This week I’ve been doing a lot of data analytics. The position I was offered at first was actually a marketing and communication role. Things like writing blog posts, checking social media feeds, and developing enticing content for consumers was going to be my first job, and very much so closely related to my actual major. But the CEO also offered me another position as a business development analyst intern. I told him I wasn’t strong quantitatively and he said that having this challenge could really help me grow, but also add a dimension to my portfolio. So I decided to take it. This first week I’ve been working closely with my company’s software, and a tool called Pipedrive, to compile customer analytics and data and use that information to improve sales and outreach. So far it has been difficult, and very challenging, but I feel myself growing and learning, and that feeling has been quite rewarding.”
“The company I work for is a tech engineering and software company so everything they do is very ahead of the curve. For our company composites we took pictures and then had them digitized. If you check out this link, you’ll see the full company team all cartoonized!¬†
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