Don’t Fear the Summer Internship

So you may be thinking, “What do I want to do this summer?” Maybe travel, stay at home, binge-watch Netflix, hang with friends, work — binge-watch Netflix. All of these things sound fun, relaxing, and promising, however, one thing that you might want to add to that list is the possibility of a summer internship. Summer internships give you the experience, knowledge, and connections necessary for you to achieve great success in your future careers.

Many, although excited, can also be intimidated by the prospect of an internship. The fact that you are thinking of, or applying to, an internship means that you are in fact growing up, and soon you will be off into the “real world” and away from college.

Don’t fear! This is a normal process for every college student regardless of whether you are a rising senior, junior, or sophomore (you can never start too early)! Instead of fearing the incoming factor of growing up, you should embrace it! You aren’t going to be the “top-dog” on your first day, first week, or first month of the internship. You won’t know how to do everything right from the beginning. You’ll forget things and have to ask questions repeatedly… but that’s okay. Internships are for learning and skill development.

All you can do is do your best, work your hardest, and embrace every opportunity ahead of you! Your future self will thank you for it!

We’re rooting you on! – CCP


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