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 Harris 2
Name: Harris Franken
Major: Psychology, minor in Writing
Graduation Date: December 2017
Hometown:I’m a military brat, and as such I don’t consider myself to be a native of anywhere in particular. Of all the places I’ve lived over the years, I maintain the strongest attachment to the Hampton Roads area of Virginia…mostly because I spent the majority of my childhood there. At this moment however, my family is stationed in Stuttgart, Germany, which is also the location of my internship.”
Interning at: United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) in Stuttgart, Germany
How did you find your internship?:I first learned of AFRICOM’s internship program during winter break last year when I visited Germany to vacation with my family. Rather coincidentally, a family friend happened to know the internship coordinator for the command and recommended I arrange a meeting to learn more about the program. Quickly after our first meeting, I decided that the internship was something I wanted to do. Among other reasons, I wanted to experience how a military command operated on a day-to-day basis and determine whether it was something that I would enjoy as a career. For those who may not know, a military command is broken apart into various directorates, e.g., intelligence, strategy, logistics, outreach initiatives, etc.  As a prospective intern, I was afforded the the opportunity to choose whichever directive I thought would best suit me. As it turned out, I eventually chose to intern with the Maritime Security/Safety division of the command.
Memory/something learned in first week:At the time of this post, I have just finished my first week at the command, and I don’t feel as though I can convey just how exciting and busy I’ve been! To a degree, my duties are dependent on the immediate needs of my supervisors, and thus are subject to change suddenly, but my first task has involved formulating, editing, and revising a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the the department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Coast Guard. (In other words, a legal document outlining the specifics of an exchange of goods, authorities, and services).  As a psychology major, much of the work I’ve done so far has involved experiential and off-the-cuff learning, but I can’t express how exhilarating it is to be working alongside both military and civilian inter-agency personnel, overseas, in a US combatant command.  I’m eager to bicycle into work each morning, and professionally for me, it is an opportunity of a lifetime.




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