Internship Update from Nassir

Hey Captains! Check out what Nassir has to say about his internship thus far:

Describe a typical day/your major projects/responsibilities on your internship.

Usually I’m at work about 15 minutes early cause that’s how long it takes me to set up everything. An average day usually involves me working interchangeably with a couple of different projects. I usually start the day using Pipedrive, to compile potential leads and customers, I call those leads and give them some product knowledge to see if they’d be interested in using our service. I’ll spend maybe a few hours doing that then I shift gears to partnership negotiating. Currently, Skopenow is in the works of trying to partner with a few major banks, insurance agencies, and magazines. So I’ll do some research, gather evidence, and then reach out to these people either to set up a one on one meeting in person, or a Google Hangout where we can discuss the parameters of what our partnership might look like and where we would mutually benefit. I’m usually in charge of brand awareness, noticing trends and making strategic decisions from them, and making sure that my product knowledge matches that of my CEO, so any time I encounter someone I can speak to them with as much information as possible.

Describe the workplace culture/environment.

My office is in the WeWork building, Tower 49, on 5th and 49th Street. WeWork is a collaborative effort of some brilliant minded people who decided they wanted space to work, but wanted to ditch the corporate office feel. What you get now is a ton of entrepreneurs, small businesses, and start ups, all working in the spaces WeWork provides. It’s an awesome environment, they have free coffee, beverages, and food. They have personal spaces, conference rooms, game rooms and a lot more. It makes the environment of working 8 hours a day feel a lot less daunting.

Share what you are using from your classes, things your involved in, etc.

I’d have to give all my credit to interpersonal communication and rhetoric for the success I’ve had in working with Skopenow so far. A lot of what I do in business development, especially when talking to other people, involves persuasion and understanding the dynamics of communication with people. I have to be attentive and understand why they’re saying what they’re saying, what verbal and nonverbal cues I can pick up on, and then once I know those, I have to know how to persuade them based on something I believe they’ll resonate with. I find myself constantly negotiating power balance in conversation with customers frequently to make sure they feel as if they’re getting the best offer possible while I’m still making sure I do my job efficiently.

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