Internship Update from Paige

Describe a typical day/your major projects/responsibilities on your internship.

A typical day at my internship involves a lot of talking! As a Summer Survey Intern, my job involves calling members of the CNU Class of 2018 and asking them to complete a brief survey about their summer. We want to know how our seniors are spending their last summer of college: taking classes, working at a job or internship, volunteering, completing faculty-sponsored research, studying abroad, or something else. This gives the Center for Career Planning important data regarding what our seniors do during their time off, for whom they most often work, how many hours they typically work each week, in what fields they are working, whether they believe their work this summer is career-related, and how many of them have earned an internship prior to graduation. The personal quota I set for myself is 100 calls per day, which I have been exceeding every day.

While that is my biggest responsibility, my supervisors understand that this position can be draining for an introvert like me! When I need breaks, I work on smaller independent projects that the staff has given me. These include writing reports, creating graphs, posting jobs to Career Connect, answering phone calls and emails, filing papers, running errands around campus, and creating handouts that the Center can give to students and/or employers.

Describe the workplace culture/environment.

My workplace environment is very supportive. My fellow intern Jasmine and I do a great job of sharing responsibility and splitting work evenly, and our supervisors do a great job of training us and giving us positive affirmations. It feels great to be encouraged and to feel supported, even when I make a mistake.

Share what you are using from your classes, things your involved in, etc.

As a Psychology major and Communication Studies minor, a lot of my past undergraduate coursework relates to the work I do at the CCP each day. Many psychology majors enter the career counseling field, so I am benefiting greatly by seeing how a career center operates and what positions I may enjoy working in at a career center. I have learned invaluable things like how to complete a 2-Hour Job Search, how the Strong Interest Inventory can assist individuals in choosing a career, and how to market myself to employers after graduation. I have also employed many of the interpersonal behaviors and skills I’ve learned in my Communication Studies classes while interacting with incoming and current students, alumni, employers, and administrative staff. It has been an awesome experience to put what I’ve learned into practice!


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