Internship Update from Ashley

Describe a typical day/your major projects/responsibilities on your internship.

I start everyday by checking my email and issuing any outstanding payments that need to be sent. After this, I get on the phones and assist members in various ways. I was hired as a non-injury auto adjuster so when our members get into an auto accident, my responsibility is to start a first notice of loss. This means I take all information from the accident including recorded statements from all parties involved, details of the damages to vehicles, and other relevant information. I then take a look at their policies and get them set up with a shop to repair their damages and put them in a rental vehicle if applicable or needed. Some days I even get the opportunity to go out to the fields to inspect and asses damages on our members’ vehicles.

Describe the workplace culture/environment.

USAA is unlike any company I have ever worked for. Even though it is a fortune 500 company, it has a small company environment in the sense that it feels like a tight-knit community. Everyone, including executives, are referred to on a first name basis. The executives meet with all the interns and share their insights and truly value any comments or questions we have for them. The Chesapeake office also offers perks like our energize and relax rooms (see pictures below) that allow us to take a break and either relax or re-energize. USAA treats their employees so well with both the benefits and work/life balance that they offer.

Share what you are using from your classes, things your involved in, etc.

Since I am a Marketing major, transitioning to the insurance world was very difficult. However, there were a couple things that helped me prepare for this internship. The first was my Interpersonal Communications class. Working in a call center environment, a major aspect of my job is talking to people on the phone. I am the first person to talk to members after they have been involved in a car accident so effective communication is important in this high stress environment. Therefore, it is essential to posses interpersonal skills in order to succeed in this field. At CNU, I am involved in sideline and competition cheerleading. Being apart of a team, and having to learn how to effectively work with others for one common goal has helped me become a better team player and develop leadership skills.


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