Internship Update from Grace

Describe a typical day/your major projects/responsibilities on your internship.

So I work 8:30 – 5:30 pm each day. I get to the office around 8 am and check my emails and what meetings I’ll have that day. From there, I’ll dive into an assignment if I have one. Working as an intern in the Performance Reporting Group (PRG), I utilize a lot of statements from previous months to create deliverables that detail a client’s monetary performance. The internship is integrated with presentations so part of my afternoon is spent in meetings with the intern class to prepare.

Describe the workplace culture/environment.

Cambridge Associates has a very collaborative culture. Given that there are multiple groups that perform different tasks to service various clients, it’s important that communication occurs smoothly between both departments: MIG and PRG. On a more shallow level, the Arlington office of this company is thriving with young people and I’ve seen that a lot of lighthearted activities tend to be included on a regular basis. For example, each week, a toddler picture of someone in the office is emailed out and the faster you respond with your guess, the more points you win.

Share what you are using from your classes, things your involved in, etc.

One of the reasons I applied for this internship is because they advertised that they were open to students of all majors. It’s been 6 weeks and I can confidently say that my psychology background hasn’t really come into play, however, I think it aids in my interactions with supervisors. I think my role as a Student Assistant in the Media Center has come in handy. Though my job in the library is very individualized, collaboration is necessary for mundane activities such as shelving movies and such. Coming from that background and experiencing collaboration on a much bigger scale has been an eye-opening experience for me.

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