Internship Update from Kayla

Describe a typical day/your major projects/responsibilities on your internship.

My typical day starts at 6:15am. I have to be at the Martha Graham School of Dance by 8:00am and I have a thirty-five minute subway commute ride. In the last three weeks, I have come to love the commute though. Since I am not the one driving, the ride is a great time to catch up on finishing books, discovering podcasts, and listening to new music. My morning class switches every other day between contemporary dance and ballet. There are seven other girls in all my classes.

After my morning class I have a small break where I help out wherever I am needed that day. The teen intensive program just started so I recently did a lot of work with studio schedules so everyone had a place to practice and making sure the room size was appropriate for the number of students in each class. In the afternoon I commute again to another location where the school has studios on the upper east side. Then I am in classes from noon until 4:30pm. I have a Graham technique class and a Graham Repertoire class every day.

Describe the workplace culture/environment.

It is really neat because the building where the studios are is also residential, but you have to be an artist or work in the arts in order to live there. Merce Cunningham, who was a post-modern choreographer lived in that building at one point!

Share what you are using from your classes, things your involved in, etc.

I have really enjoyed my contemporary classes so far because I am really getting to put into action what I learned in my modern dance class at CNU. I am getting an amazing hands on look and being able to participate in the techniques that post-modern dancers and choreographers developed as they pulled away from the ballet world.

I am extremely lucky and each week get to study under and train with some of the most knowledgable and talented Graham dancers. While the hours of dancing and working are long and very tough on the body and mind, I am surrounded by the best group of girls! We are all learning together the behind the scenes work to what makes a company run while also getting to push and encourage each other in the dancing classroom. These girls are truly helping me understand that while I may not feel like I performed my best each day, by giving everything I have to give in that day and that moment means that I am still gaining and still advancing in my technique.

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