Life as an Intern: Paige

Internship Update 3: What is life like as an intern? Are you meeting other interns? What types of social activities have you participated in? What are some things the company/site has done to make you feel part of the team?

The intern life is a rewarding one.  It can be tiring and difficult to work on many projects and tasks each day, but it is very nice to be supported, encouraged, and affirmed by my supervisors and fellow intern.
I am one of two interns.  Jasmine, the other CCP intern this summer, has become a good friend of mine over the two months that we have been working together.  Although we are sometimes given separate projects to work on, we often share the same project in order to make each project a little less daunting, have two pairs of eyes double-checking for mistakes, and obtain a wider range of experience in our position.  Jasmine and I get along well, communicate effectively, and pick up on each other’s emotions well.  Life is a lot easier when you have a friend in the office!
As an administrative office, the Center for Career Planning must be open and staffed by at least one person every day from 8 AM to 5 PM.  This means that there is not much opportunity to do team-bonding activities outside of the office with everyone together.  The only social activity we have had was Sarah’s birthday celebration a few weeks ago with ice cream birthday cake!  However, there have been plenty of opportunities to bond with my coworkers and supervisors in smaller, more intimate settings.  I am grateful to have gotten to know everyone here on a more personal level.  The dynamic here is awesome:  Andy is full of dad jokes, Libby loves puns, Polly’s laugh is infectious, and Sarah is wonderful to chat about anything with!  Soon we will be adding Lisa and Christina to our staff, and I know they will be great to get to know as well.
Intern life has been great, and I am excited for what is still to come!

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