Life as an Intern: Nassir

Internship Update 3: What is life like as an intern? Are you meeting other interns? What types of social activities have you participated in? What are some things the company/site has done to make you feel part of the team?

Life as an intern has been great. It’s difficult, but definitely a fun learning experience, and worth every minute of the networking, development, and team building. I work with four other interns. One who is Business development with me, two who are marketing, and one who is Web development and computer science. We’ve gone to several different events together: rooftop socials, conferences, and more!

By far my favorite part of the job, and one thing that has certainly made me feel a part of the team is #FLF, Free Lunch Fridays. Every Friday we go out to a different restaurant. Of course, me being an American Fast Food lover, I always suggest the most typical foods, but we have a great 2/3rds voting system here to choose where we go. The only rule is we can’t repeat cuisines or restaurants. To date I’ve eaten 8 different types of cuisines that I’ve never had ever before in my life, and all at custom boutique restaurants. Best part is boss pays for everything, so that’s nice. At lunch we go over weekly goals, plan out our goals for the following week, and catch up on all things, politics, pop culture, and New York City. It’s been great being a part of a team that is hard working, but easy to interact with.

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