Life as an Intern: Kayla

Internship Update 3: What is life like as an intern? Are you meeting other interns? What types of social activities have you participated in? What are some things the company/site has done to make you feel part of the team?

Life as an intern: Being an intern is a lot of fun because I get to try out and learn new aspects of the company each week. I really enjoy the variety because it is making me well rounded and also makes going to the studio every day interesting. I do not feel tied down to one specific job and have a lot of freedom to choose what I want to learn more about. Having the chance to learn about so many aspects of a company and about the dance community in general, has really helped me identify what I am good at and what I am specifically passionate about to further narrow what I want to do when I graduate.

Have I met other interns: The dance community, especially in New York, is very tight knit. While I spend a great deal of time with the other girls in the program at my specific school, I have had the chance to meet students in programs at other dance companies as well. I recently met a dancer interning with the Paul Taylor Company this summer and was able to go support her at her repertoire showcase. Each week I pick a different company and go take one or two classes at the school and attend one of the many free summer performances.
Feeling a part of the team: Right away everyone was so welcoming! They continuously asked me about Virginia and school and really took the time to get to know me outside of dance. We all eat lunch together on the balcony of the building and go out for dinner on Fridays together each week. Since none of us are originally from New York, we have also been able to explore the city together. We go to museums, see performances, and go to concerts in the park together.

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