Life as an Intern: Rob

Internship Update 3: What is life like as an intern? Are you meeting other interns? What types of social activities have you participated in? What are some things the company/site has done to make you feel part of the team?

This summer has been an interesting one, as I start to wrap up my internship. Life as an intern is just that, interesting. I say it a lot when explaining what I do, every day is different and the office dynamic has provided a place where interns are typically welcomed as part of the team. Yes, there are times where menial intern tasks are piled on our desks, but just as frequently we are included in the big picture things the department is trying to accomplish.

I have had the pleasure of working alongside three other interns this summer from around the country. One came from the University of Southern California, one from the University of Alabama, and one from Virginia Tech. It has been an enjoyable experience not only meeting and getting to know, but networking with these interns in my own department as well as interns in other departments around the office.

Holistically, work and play are very much two different things. We don’t typically hang out, outside of the office, though occasionally I’ll convince one of them to go to lunch with me. There has been a very clear dynamic and feeling around the office that nobody wants to be the ‘bad intern’ so nobody likes to leave for lunch. Nor do they leave when their shifts end. A culture was created that if your shift starts at 10 and ends at 3, most of the time an intern would arrive at 9:45 and leave around 4 or 4:30. This made the office relatively cramped because we tried to fit more people in the small room than necessary or than we had tasks to complete for. So, I left most days when I was supposed to. This made me the ‘bad intern’ even though I typically found myself going above and beyond while I was there.

Overall, my summer with the Redskins has been enjoyable mostly because of the people I had the pleasure of working alongside. The department has been very inclusive for the most part and has treated interns not only like adults but as a part of their team. Working on big production products, TV features, and commercials are just a few of the productions I got a taste of this summer. Being able to experience some of these things has been not only a cool experience but invaluable to my future success as well.

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